The musicians and groups Jackie has performed with include ~

Christine Lavin
Vance Gilbert

Don White
Irene Kelley & Scott Neubert
Rod MacDonald
Catie Curtis
Steve Tilston

Jim Scott
Bill Staines
Durham County Poets  
Adam Ezra & The Adam Ezra Group

Jonathan Singleton
Suzie Vinnick & Rick Fines

Keith Jacques (The Keith Jacques Experience)
Stomp'n Holler
Steve Pelland

Linda Marks
Howie Newman
The Rafters
Patti DeRosa
Eric Kilburn
Livio Guardi

Seth Connelly 
The Loomers
Lauren Weintraub
Jimmy Connor
The Deborah McDonnell Band (with Stu Ervin, Tim Fiehler and Steve Smith)
Julie Dougherty, with Taylor Armerding and Dave Brown (Billy Joel bandmate)
Roger Fluet
Dean Driver
Chris Thompson

Robin Greenstein
Jane Fallon

Colleen Kattau
Yani Batteau
Boomer Folk (with Perry Desmond Davies, Marc Bridges, Al Cath, Jon McAuliffe, Steve Rhapson, and Phil Punch)
Sweet Wednesday & Michael Sullivan
Tracy O’Connell
Sean Danehy
Glenn Jones
Dean Stevens
Swing Cafe (with Eric Kilburn and Ted Powers)
Folkapotamus (Penni Hart & Tony Trites)
Tim FitzPatrick
Ben Tousley
Peter Singer
Joanne Hammil
Dennis Pearne & Woodwork
Jill Stein
Chuck Williams
John Schindler
Beantown Swing
Michelle Shocked
Wildest Dreams
Perry Desmond-Davies
Kirsten Manville
Steve Gilligan
Ilene Springer
Ellen Schmidt & Wendy Santis
Liz Buchanan
Barry Brown
Kenny Selcer
Kirsten & Dave (Kirsten Manville &
  Dave Simmons

Constellations (Cindy Mapes, Brett
  Jackson, Jan Maier, Liz Lewis)
Annie Rich
Carolyn Waters & Steve Rapson
Terry Kitchen
Tom Smith
Outrageous Fortune
Rocking Horse People (Beatles cover band)
Brian Maes
Wayne Martin
Chris Nauman
JB Sweeney
Brad Hyson
Avi Fagan
Billy Byron
Marylou Ferrante
MF Daisy
Jaya Wallach
Judy Cooper
Robert Nichols

Jackie has helped open for, or shared a stage with ~

Judy Collins & Tom Rush
Joan Osborne
Goo Goo Dolls & Donnas
John Gorka
The Pushstars
Ed McCain
Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry
Mark Erelli
Michael Troy
Garnet Rogers
Greg Greenway
Chris & Meredith Thompson

and shares a compilation CD with ~

Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul & Mary)
Tom Paxton
Phil Henry & more

She also makes a minor appearance in the major motion picture
Bride Wars, in a wedding String Quartet.